Back in 1987, "Özgun Sahne" was an organization that provided services of Turkish Folk Dances and Belly Dance Shows. With the development of the tourism sector in Aegean Region and the increase and variation in demand, the organization extended the dimensions of its services; discovered various dance groups from Bulgaria, Ukrain and Russia; and put the most impressive shows at the disposal of the Turkish Tourism Sector as “Sunu Sahne Organization”.

Our corporation adopts customer and staff satisfaction as its fundamental principle and believes that the key to success is to have a planned and principled working process. Through various organizations carried out by groups of experienced professional artists with international standards, “Sunu Sahne Organization” continues to strengthen its position in the sector with each passing day.

Up to the present, Sunu Sahne Organization has continued to increase its wide range of services from Animation Teams to Dance Shows, Festival and Concert Organizations, Opening and Launching Events. Starting from 2014, the company has also embarked on adopting Event programs from abroad and organizing Events abroad under the title of "Sunu Event Company"; and it is progressing in the way of becoming a worldwide corporate company.

With its 28 years of experience in events and organizations, Sunu Event Company continues to serve the tourism and event industry in Turkey with about 20 stage shows and nearly 250 staff; and continues its operations in 4 continents and in more than 20 countries with its worldwide business partners.

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